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New York City Family

Ann Kosovich speaks about family, her fathers’ visits to the American Legion, voting for half-pay at Western Union, and competing for jobs and housing in depression era New York City.

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Cross Country Trip

Jacob Barger talks about a favorite memory with his grandmother, Margarit, whom he hopes to interview and record with this summertime in California. 

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Woodpecker versus Jet Noise

Front porch recording of first and only opportunity to record yearly Corona Park woodpecker visits. Contains partial wind & jet noise.

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Light Tunnel Testing Laboratory

With the help of his wife Ann, Jack Kosovich speaks about working in a light and sound testing laboratory to help develop night vision.

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ESL Word Finder

Speaking with Byung in a 2013 English Second Language session at Pueblo City County Library about directions, thesauruses, and the meaning of good living.

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Las Cruces 2018
David Lee

David Lee

creates public history sound recordings, seeks reasonable workflow, and dreams of longterm digital preservation.

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