Microscope Light

Neuroscience researcher Ernesto Caballero Garrido speaks about creating bridges between basic information and complicated scientific knowledge and his stellar appreciation for viewing cells under the light of a microscope.

Staying current in the field of isolating strokes, Ernesto studies the brain using special kinds of microscopic light, often observing braincell processes over and over (sometimes many hundreds of thousands of times over months of study) in order to discover potential new medicines and preventative care techniques.

A University of New Mexico Department of Neurosurgery Postdoctoral from Madrid, Spain, Ernesto’s work seeks to popularize science through projects such as La Ciencia Toma La Calle (Science Takes to the Streets) and as President of the Asociación Nacional de Estudiantes e Investigadores SIGLO XXI (National Association of 21st Century Students and Researchers).

For more information follow Ernesto on Twitter @aneisigloxxi https://twitter.com/aneisigloxxi


Recorded at Albuquerque 29 May 2015 at ABC Special Collections Library.


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