Rain Cars

Near Los Griegos Library, the normally welcome sound of rain is questioned by the street traffic noise of Griegos Road along North West Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Recording environments in open (outside) spaces can be intimidating without the right equipment. It’s true that a great microphone helps improve listening quality; likewise, proper set-up goes a long way during the editing process.

For this sound record: it was raining. So, I switched on the digital recorder’s on-board mic and adjusted for a dry location rather than a lengthy set-up time. This became an effort to help improve my editing for sound techniques in post-production.

To continue forward with research of sound and aural environment study, it’s clear to me that future generations will depend on quieter, more responsible consideration of sound ecology. An open space isn’t always natural in the wake of a multitude of industrial and automotive sound present throughout our international cityscapes.

In editing this highlight clip, I found the automotive noise fascinating when listened to from the perspective of ocean waves.



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