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January 2017 begins anew with a Public History master’s program at New Mexico State University located in Las Cruces.  My accepted admission Statement of Purpose outlines my initiative to record, catalog, and present narrative research on Poverty, Homelessness, and Child Hunger in New Mexico borderlands.

Founded in 1983, the Public History department at New Mexico State houses many potential avenues of research, including a revisit since my time at CF&I Archives to the Rocky Mountain Online Archive.

The Public History Library Guide links browsers to resources such as Las Vegas, Nevada based: Southwest Oral History Association.

At NMSU, a 1997 project called Preserving Community/Cuentos del Varrio (an Oral History Manual) taught oral history methods to alternative teaching and learning teens at Gadsden High’s Panther Achievement Center (PAC). The result features rural New Mexico heritage narrative recordings that helped students to learn history of the United States to foster open dialog and collective memory of southern New Mexico and West Texas communities.

Information about this direction will update here at the NMSU Record blogroll, created to feature highlight clips of narrators who research, make connections, and work to alleviate New Mexico’s cycle of poverty, homelessness, and child hunger.

Potential collaborators who are available in Las Cruces and on the New Mexico State University campus are welcome to contact me.

At this time, I hope to begin seeking potential narrators March 2017.



seeks dynamic open-access community archives environment for public history sound recording projects, reasonable workflow, and longterm digital preservation.

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