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The Amador Health Center on the Hope Campus officially opened in the Summer of 2018. 

Pamela Angell speaks about the new name, extending healthcare to all people regardless ability to pay, and reminds listeners that the un-insured as well as the insured are welcome to access care at Amador Health Center. 


A celebration honored the work of Saint Luke’s Health Clinic with an event to inform the public about the rebranding to Amador Health Center. The new facilities continue to provide healthcare programs for the homeless, near-homeless, and on approved sliding-scale payments for low-income clients. 

Important to make clear for the local community and Doña Ana County residents who access services in Las Cruces, New Mexico:

Amador Health Center’s change of name and new facilities, still located on the Hope Campus at 999 West Amador Avenue, offer healthcare provider services to the insured and the uninsured.

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The transition of name — from Saint Luke’s Health Clinic to Amador Health Center –highlight historically kind, strong, and committed service worker stories that Hope Stories narrators shared in 2018.  Now, and for over 40 years, individuals and organizations serve the homeless in Doña Ana County with the Hope Campus as close point of contact.

CEO of Amador Health Center, Pamala Angell helped create new avenues of access to health service for the homeless, formally as executive director of the MVCH, and in recent years developing the new center.  

Beginning in the early 1990s, the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope campus saw transitional change with new building construction phases, additions and subtractions of staff and volunteers, resulting in improved resources made available to those in need.  

Amador Health Center provides health services near downtown Las Cruces, and helps everyone along the US I-10 & I-25 interstate highway junctions. 

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Hope Stories 007 –– 1h 51m Recording held at Jardin de Los Niños La Paz Room on the Hope Campus 13 July 2018.


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