Summer Language

Oscar López talks about University of New Mexico’s Center for English Language and American Culture (CELAC). From San Salvador, El Salvador, Oscar attended the program at UNM in the Spring of 2015, in addition to further dedicated study at the ESL Conversation tables of Central New Mexico Community College. With a love for Linux and Electrical Engineering, deeply fascinated by electromagnetism, Oscar returned to El Salvador to continue research in the field of Telecommunications and the recovery and restoration of transformers.

Photo: San Salvador by Jamie Han

Recorded at Albuquerque 7 August 2015 ABC Special Collections Library.

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Rain Cars

Near Los Griegos Library, the normally welcome sound of rain is questioned by the street traffic noise of Griegos Road along North West Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Recording environments in open (outside) spaces can be intimidating without the right equipment. It’s true that a great microphone helps improve listening quality; likewise, proper set-up goes a long way during the editing process.

For this sound record: it was raining. So, I switched on the digital recorder’s on-board mic and adjusted for a dry location rather than a lengthy set-up time. This became an effort to help improve my editing for sound techniques in post-production.

To continue forward with research of sound and aural environment study, it’s clear to me that future generations will depend on quieter, more responsible consideration of sound ecology. An open space isn’t always natural in the wake of a multitude of industrial and automotive sound present throughout our international cityscapes.

In editing this highlight clip, I found the automotive noise fascinating when listened to from the perspective of ocean waves.


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Joy of Correspondence

Educator Marcia Bockemeier talks about the dangers, and joys, of travel and work to teach English in Afghanistan with JDA International and non-profit Christian organization Lifewater International.

Marcia’s recent retirement from Central New Mexico Community College allows for more free time to pursue more acting roles, spend time with grandchildren, and to maintain faith on the safest corner in Albuquerque.


Recorded at Albuquerque 17 July 2015 at ABC Special Collections Library.

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Microscope Light

Neuroscience researcher Ernesto Caballero Garrido speaks about creating bridges between basic information and complicated scientific knowledge and his stellar appreciation for viewing cells under the light of a microscope.

Staying current in the field of isolating strokes, Ernesto studies the brain using special kinds of microscopic light, often observing braincell processes over and over (sometimes many hundreds of thousands of times over months of study) in order to discover potential new medicines and preventative care techniques.

A University of New Mexico Department of Neurosurgery Postdoctoral from Madrid, Spain, Ernesto’s work seeks to popularize science through projects such as La Ciencia Toma La Calle (Science Takes to the Streets) and as President of the Asociación Nacional de Estudiantes e Investigadores SIGLO XXI (National Association of 21st Century Students and Researchers).

An avid reader of Spanish history and classical literature, Ernesto’s talent includes collaborative academic study on the important Spanish history work Libro sobre la Junta para Ampliación de Estudios e Investigaciones Científicas 1907-1939.

For more information follow Ernesto on Twitter @aneisigloxxi


Recorded at Albuquerque 29 May 2015 at ABC Special Collections Library.

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Decolonized Mind

University of New Mexico Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies PhD student Yasir Hussain shares insight on rote memorization teaching, Common Core, “education equity,” and critical thinking skills within Pakistan and American education systems.

Recorded at Albuquerque 26 May 2015 in the narrator’s home.

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Narrator John Saucedo talks about the people of Albuquerque and appreciation for video game culture. Recorded 28 April 2015 at ABC Special Collections Library.

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Mp3 Generation

CSU-Pueblo political science student Logan Dunnagan considers the Mp3 generation, net neutrality, and 2011s Stop Online Piracy Act.

In a recent blog post, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler introduced Access to the Underserved and the WI-FI E-Rate Modernization proposal to serve schools and libraries. For more information, and to speak with Chairman Wheeler in person, attend Albuquerque’s 30 June 2014 Media Literacy Project event Nuestras Voces/Our Voices: A Youth Dialogue.

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David Lee

David Lee

Public History at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico: Poverty, Homelessness, and Hunger in New Mexico Borderlands. All interviews are free of charge, open to all citizens of the United States and Mexico, and held at libraries, archives, and meeting spaces throughout the region. To schedule a potential public history interview: Email Phone: (505) 715-8779

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