Multiple forms, expressions, and interpretations connect to the listener within the sound recording genre.

To continue to learn and expand upon the work of Gloria Anzaldúa from a gringo interviewer’s perspective: I seek to work alongside, record, and archive narratives and stories about living throughout the southwest north Americas.

Appropriation of culture, language, and land remain antiquated “customs” tied to false notions of ownership and dominion.  These concepts remain entitled to those that choose exclusionary rhetoric and geographic legibility in order to remain safely clear and away from the industrial borderlands that ensnare entire generations of people.

Outright slavery, legibility, and gunboat diplomacy has brought into the conversation our shared human ability to catalog memories, experiences, and timelines which attempt to remember who we are across appropriated territory, living space, and the laws of local justice principles.

How can we connect to the present while not imposing sanctions of time, place, and memory upon a future generation of international citizens?

In seeking to record perspective and experience from both sides of the border (any fence or institutional legibility) my work hopes to speak for itself through the voices of shared memory, equal access, and reciprocal communication.

Towards A New Consciousness by Gloria Anzaldúa